Horse carriage stands in City Market

A number of comments have been made recently regarding the City Market horse carriage stands. Leases between three carriage companies and the City will expire on January 12, 2013. These stands are located on City rights of way. City staff has recommended the leases not be renewed.

The City has long supported horse carriage tours, and views the industry as vital to the local tourist economy, a significant employer, and key to the vibrancy of our Historic District. Downtown has always been a diverse, mixed-use area that has constantly evolved to meet the needs of Savannah. The City frequently mediates solutions in this area to ensure that sometimes competing uses can co-exist in this dense urban landscape.

In recent years, we have received concerns from management of City Market about the location of three carriage stands at Jefferson and St. Julian streets. These concerns grew more urgent when a new restaurant, with outdoor dining, announced plans to open at the intersection. When horse carriage stands have temporarily relocated to other locations near outdoor dining, health concerns have arisen relating to odor, flies and horse hairs. Because the stands are located on public property, the City has an obligation to the public to address these concerns.

The City has identified 10 alternative locations for the City Market carriage stands, including a location just one block away from the current stands, and we are open to discussions about other potential sites. There are five other horse carriage companies in Savannah with stands located outside of City Market, and those companies continue to enjoy success. We’re confident that the three located within City Market will as well. The City is also extending an additional 30-day period beyond the 90 days required by the terms of the lease for the companies to relocate.

The City’s position is one of mediator between surrounding businesses and the carriage companies to ensure that all businesses will thrive in our Historic District. We are committed to working with all parties involved to create a solution that works for everyone.

Please contact Saja Aures, Public Information Office Administrator, with any questions or comments at 912-651-4255.

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The Benefit of Visualization

As an artist’s you need to set your own standard for success; in order to do this you must begin to visualize more.

Visualizing plays a significant role in becoming an artist. The term visualization means to form impressions, concepts, feelings or pictures in your mind; it gives you clarity and focus. According to, by visualizing a certain event of situation, you can attract it to your life. If you think even harder about it, artists utilized visualization to create master piece after master piece.

This fall, the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs will have open registration for visual art classes and workshops. Rather you are an up and coming artist or would like to tune up your creative thinking skills, enrolling in a class is the first step.

According to, studying visual art can help you develop problem solving skills, allow you to express yourself creatively, and convey knowledge, meaning, and skills not learned through the study of other subjects.

You can download forms at

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Perception with A. Baxter Frost

Every month, S.P.A.C.E. Gallery features an exhibit from a local artist. This month, our featured artist is the founding partner and principal of the international design firm Akuma Fusion Group A. Baxter Frost.

Frost received his B.A. in Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Certificate of Completion from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture for the summer program at Taliesin West. He also received his Masters in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design. According to his artist statement, his work establishes a visual vocabulary that identifies structure, variation and development.  When asked what inspired him to pursue a career in art and architecture, Frost explained that he would like to think of himself as an artist trained as an architect. “Originally, my ambitions were more focused on becoming a golf course architect, merging two loves. When choosing colleges I had settled on pursuing a degree in architecture. I thought it would offer a broader education in which to springboard to landscape architecture for a graduate degree. This was the plan for the first three years of architecture school until I had a professor that truly showed me the beauty of architecture. This “beauty” allowed for art to become architecture and vice versa. My background in Art is much less structured. Becoming a creative was much more a necessity than a leisure activity,” said Frost.

His creativity began at an early age.  Frost discussed that his parents were frequent travelers throughout his childhood and they were always on the road. With no television in sight, Frost had to depend on himself for entertainment.  This laid the ground work for his creativity.  “Art and architecture are in my definition, symbiotic in claiming our past and shaping our future,” said Frost.

He said that his pieces ask questions relating to space, depth and color.   He explained that space is paramount in his explorations and that there is a big difference between art and architecture. “Architecture tends to be more contrived while Art can capture a pure expression,” he continues, “Needs, wants, price, materials, contractors, neighbors, all get mixed in a bowl and what comes out may be awesome but it’s generally a watered down version of something else,” said Frost.  He also explained that art is free from outside influence and it allows for purity within an idea to be expressed.

To date, Frost has established himself as an accomplished artist and has been involved in over 100 projects ranging from master planning to over 250 private works. He has received several awards for his works, in both Architecture and Art.

As an accomplished artist, Frost offers simple advice to aspiring artists.  “There seem to be some basic ingredients in becoming successful regardless of the endeavor: take time to find out that you are diligence (always keep working and your mind fresh), perseverance (never give up), believe in yourself and stay positive, and courage (don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Frost’s works will be on display from August 10 – August 31 at Gallery S.P.A.C.E. located on 9 West Henry Street in Savannah, GA. For details and information, please visit our website at

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Artivation 101 – Attitude Matters

11th Annual New Beginnings Art Work-S.P.A.C.E. Gallery

According to, a negative attitude can have serious and damaging consequences on your life. Your attitude is the one thing that will determine if you will be happy, successful or influenced by your struggles.  As an artist, your attitude is very important.  Throughout your career you will endure criticism and rejection. Realize that everyone has an opinion and although some may not be fond of your work, there will be some who admire your art.

“Don’t be an art critic, but paint, there lies salvation.”­­ – Paul Cezanne

Your attitude is your work.  You must have the attitude that your art work matters; otherwise you cannot succeed.

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Artivation 101- The Myth of a Struggling Artist

Working in Cultural Affairs has really opened my eyes to different forms of art work and artists. Like many of us, artists have dreams, aspirations, and goals to be recognized for their hard work and form of art. Unlike the typical 9 to 5 occupations, artists face a different challenge to make a living. One of their challenges is their attitude.

 There are so many artists out there who are struggling and trying to make ends meet. This is where “Artivation” comes to play. Whether you are in performing arts, writing, painting, or designing you have to motivate yourself that you can do all things before anything takes place. Being an artist’s is not just a suggestion, it is a career choice and like any career choice an artist’s should be able to not only bring joy to others he or she shares their work with but make a living as well.

Myth or fact? Artists never make much money and don’t care about money.
Myth: The aim of an artist’s is to make a living as a fine artist, so although money may not be the goal, it is a concern. Overcome the myth of the struggling artist, and become the surviving artists.

Changing your attitude about making a living about art does not mean your art is not of value, it is still beautiful and powerful.

“To see far is one thing, going there is another” Constantin Brancusi

Reference: Constance Smith , 2007. Psychological Roadblocks. In Third Edition, Art Marketing 101 (p. 17) Nevada City, CA: ArtNetwork
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Sykes and Jupena Art Exhibit at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery

Gearing up for an art exhibit takes planning, dedication and commitment.  Over the last few weeks, the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) staff has worked diligently at moving walls, painting, and organizing the gallery in order to display the Urban Jupena and Ruth Sykes art exhibit.

This two-person exhibit features works by artists who explore and create through pen line, yarn, texture, and detail. Sykes recently moved to Savannah from southeastern Wisconsin. She received her B.A. with specialization in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater.  Her pen drawings create texture and interest. “I have deep love for drawing; it’s a craft and it’s potential as a major influence,” said Sykes. 

Jupena is the master of weaving. He presents tapestries of intimate subject matter drawing from his personal life. He received his M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and since has been an instructor at Wayne State University. Jupena has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

I actually had the pleasure of working side by side with Urban on our City Span TV-Segment “The Beat”.

Although it was fun working the loom, I gained a better appreciation for the hard work and dedication that Urban deposit into his work.

The Sykes and Jupena Exhibit is located at 9 West Henry Street Savannah, GA 31402. The exhibit runs from April 5 -27 2012. If you would like to meet the instructors please join us for “Gallery Talk” on April 17th at 1 pm.

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11th Annaul New Beginnings Youth Art Exhibition


The 11th Annual New Beginnings Youth Art Exhibition held at Gallery S.P.A.C.E. was a major success. Over 350 works were exhibited from 21 local area high schools and middle schools The creativity among the youth in the Savannah area is outstanding. Students utilized paper, CDs, and even fabric to create extraordinary pieces of artwork.  A variety of the works included in this year’s exhibition are based on the 2012 Black Heritage Festival theme, “Journeys, Passages, and Transitions”.

The New Beginnings Youth Art Exhibition is presented by the Savannah Chapter of The Links, Inc., a volunteer organization that encourages the development of young talented artists by providing them with positive recognition and publicity of their art works.  

President of the Savannah Links Chapter, Dr. Connie Cooper said that she was amazed with the talent of the youth in this community. “This exhibit gives all schools a chance to participate and students a chance to display their creativity,” said Cooper. Her goal is to have more schools to participate next year. “We feel that more schools are participating and we are looking forward to having 100% participation.”  said Cooper.

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