Victory Heights

Victory Heights Park is an east side playground surrounded by a large grassy field, a gazebo with picnic tables and a splash fountain. The playground equipment includes slides, ladders, swings (both big kid and baby sizes, plus two very comfy grown-up bench swings) and a springy rocking horse, rocking frog and the always popular rocking motorcycle.

Houses face Victory Heights Park on all sides. It sets the park on a community stage of sorts. When my family visits, we almost always spot a few older folks relaxing comfortably on their front porches, watching the kids play. My daughter, in that ridiculously friendly stage of toddlerhood, appreciates the enthusiasm with which they respond to her waves and squeaky “hello”.

The regulars of this playground are a bunch of very sweet kids. That’s another special element to regularly visiting our neighborhood parks–I get to put names with faces I see waiting at school bus stops in the morning or zipping by our house on bikes in the afternoon. There’s one young dude absolutely convinced my toddler stars on Good Luck Charlie (I had to Google it).  There’s really not much a resemblance beyond the blonde hair but I hate to dash his clear hopes that my kid’s appearance at his playground will soon be followed by bigger and better Disney stars.


About Saja

I work in the City of Savannah Public Information Office. I live in Savannah with my husband and daughter. As a local government communicator, my goal is to promote better discourse between the organization I work for and the community I serve.
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2 Responses to Victory Heights

  1. Willie Stephens says:

    are the water fountains functioning properly on this site?

    • Saja says:

      I didn’t check out the water fountains on my last visit to the park. If you’ve noticed a problem with any City facility, call our Customer Service Center by dialing 311. They’ll get a work order entered into the system so the City can address and properly track the issue. Best, Saja/PIO Administrator

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