Blackshear Park & Basketball Complex

Meet Gabriella. She’s one of the many Savannah kids spending their summer at the Blackshear Basketball Complex camp.

Today is her birthday. She is five. Tomorrow, she’s having a birthday party at her house. She plans to dance. There will be lots of food. Her whole family is invited. She has a special outfit. She will get presents. And she has been told a few precious details involving a princess cake which plays music and sparkles with glitter.

This preamble to what ends up being an actual invitation to her birthday party tumbles out of her within 30 seconds of our meeting on the courts at Blackshear. She is the perfect five year old. Happy Birthday, Gabriella, you are rad. I wish I could come to your birthday party. But besides feeling conflicted about being a total stranger who would probably freak your mom out by randomly appearing at a family get-together, I’m actually in a funny coincidence hosting my own daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. Maybe next year we can coordinate some kind of joint affair? I know she would like your style.

Being supremely likeable and ridiculously adorable is a trait I find in all the kids I get to chat with during my visit to the City’s Blackshear Basketball camp.

The summer youth programs at the camp serve children from 5 to 12. They play a host of outdoor games and activities, with a special concentration on basketball.

The kids get organized coaching to build skills and good sportsmanship. They’re given a safe environment to burn off some of the boundless energy buzzing inside each of them. The groups take field trips, they visit City pools, they hold camp competitions and win treasured medals. They learn cheers. They trade songs. They all have what I can only describe as superhuman skill with hula-hoops.

And because I promised at least three times before I left that I would definitely, for sure and with total certainty come back to the office and post this video, here’s Laci, Jayda, Rashae, Gabriella, Diamond, Jamesha and Jamyah rocking a few of their recently learned cheers:

In addition to the well-used basketball courts, Blackshear has a playground and sheltered picnic tables.

Blackshear Park & Basketball Complex
820 Wheaton Street


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