Be Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

"Starry Night" by Andrew Middleton

Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist known for his painting “Starry Night”.  This painting is one of the most well known images in contemporary culture and the most replicated. Van Gogh became an artist between 1860 and 1880. During that time frame, Van Gogh made over 900 paintings during his lifetime and only sold one.  His purpose was to give happiness by creating beauty.  

S.P.A.C.E Studios is now offering young students to create their own “Starry Night” painting. Participants will have the chance to express themselves through mixed mediums through the stroke of a brush. Class details are as follows:

Youth Workshop
Starry Night, Ages 7-10
Instructor: Layla Mayville
Cost: $10
Time: 10am -12pm
When: January 21, 2012
Where: 9 W. Henry Street, Savannah, GA
Contact:  – 912-651-6783
Advanced Registration required.

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