Artivation 101- The Myth of a Struggling Artist

Working in Cultural Affairs has really opened my eyes to different forms of art work and artists. Like many of us, artists have dreams, aspirations, and goals to be recognized for their hard work and form of art. Unlike the typical 9 to 5 occupations, artists face a different challenge to make a living. One of their challenges is their attitude.

 There are so many artists out there who are struggling and trying to make ends meet. This is where “Artivation” comes to play. Whether you are in performing arts, writing, painting, or designing you have to motivate yourself that you can do all things before anything takes place. Being an artist’s is not just a suggestion, it is a career choice and like any career choice an artist’s should be able to not only bring joy to others he or she shares their work with but make a living as well.

Myth or fact? Artists never make much money and don’t care about money.
Myth: The aim of an artist’s is to make a living as a fine artist, so although money may not be the goal, it is a concern. Overcome the myth of the struggling artist, and become the surviving artists.

Changing your attitude about making a living about art does not mean your art is not of value, it is still beautiful and powerful.

“To see far is one thing, going there is another” Constantin Brancusi

Reference: Constance Smith , 2007. Psychological Roadblocks. In Third Edition, Art Marketing 101 (p. 17) Nevada City, CA: ArtNetwork
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