Horse carriage stands in City Market

A number of comments have been made recently regarding the City Market horse carriage stands. Leases between three carriage companies and the City will expire on January 12, 2013. These stands are located on City rights of way. City staff has recommended the leases not be renewed.

The City has long supported horse carriage tours, and views the industry as vital to the local tourist economy, a significant employer, and key to the vibrancy of our Historic District. Downtown has always been a diverse, mixed-use area that has constantly evolved to meet the needs of Savannah. The City frequently mediates solutions in this area to ensure that sometimes competing uses can co-exist in this dense urban landscape.

In recent years, we have received concerns from management of City Market about the location of three carriage stands at Jefferson and St. Julian streets. These concerns grew more urgent when a new restaurant, with outdoor dining, announced plans to open at the intersection. When horse carriage stands have temporarily relocated to other locations near outdoor dining, health concerns have arisen relating to odor, flies and horse hairs. Because the stands are located on public property, the City has an obligation to the public to address these concerns.

The City has identified 10 alternative locations for the City Market carriage stands, including a location just one block away from the current stands, and we are open to discussions about other potential sites. There are five other horse carriage companies in Savannah with stands located outside of City Market, and those companies continue to enjoy success. We’re confident that the three located within City Market will as well. The City is also extending an additional 30-day period beyond the 90 days required by the terms of the lease for the companies to relocate.

The City’s position is one of mediator between surrounding businesses and the carriage companies to ensure that all businesses will thrive in our Historic District. We are committed to working with all parties involved to create a solution that works for everyone.

Please contact Saja Aures, Public Information Office Administrator, with any questions or comments at 912-651-4255.


About Saja

I work in the City of Savannah Public Information Office. I live in Savannah with my husband and daughter. As a local government communicator, my goal is to promote better discourse between the organization I work for and the community I serve.
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6 Responses to Horse carriage stands in City Market

  1. Maureen says:

    What the city doesnt seem to understand is that it’s not JUST the fact that they are forcing out the carriage companies they are welcoming a trashy bar that brings in equally trashy patrons. There are very very few family friendly destinations in downtown savannah and with the opening of wet willies there will just be one less place. Get rid of that liar RST and start taking care of your citizens not just tourists.

  2. James Woods says:

    Wait, are you telling me Savannah has 8 carriage companies (3 in City Market and 5 elsewhere)?? No wonder they’re fighting for turf! That’s way TOO MANY for downtown Savannah. Why isn’t there a city ordinance limiting the number of carriage companies? That would solve part of the problem.
    I frequently bring guests downtown and I remember when the horses were relocated to the other side and the horrid effect it had on the restaurants (and even sitting around) there. While I love the horse & carriages downtown, I’m appalled that Savannah doesn’t require them to sanitize like Charleston does. Charleston has VERY strict rules about immediately cleaning the eliminations with solvents obviously A LOT stronger than used here. Why aren’t they using ones like Charleston’s immediately on spillage??? Any urine left to bake into the concrete/brick…will be exceedingly hard to remove. And I’ve been very turned off by their neglect of the horses in other ways. They should be hosed down several times a day, EVERY day and their “diapers” kept clean, which is NOT done. Why isn’t the city monitoring the laziness and neglect of the drivers/owners? There should be rules and they shoud be fined for violating them. The carriage companies are causing their own problems!

    • piratesnape says:

      They are required to use solvents, and as far as I’m aware the enzymes are city-approved. There are not eight carriage companies, there are five total. Three in city market (two under the same roof), and two elsewhere. The horses in city market are hosed down when it’s hot, respiration and temperature monitored. I know there is one other company that hoses down every tour, I don’t know about the last one, having never worked for them. Diapers are cleaned daily, and switched out when they’re full. Manure spills are picked up when they’re called in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh… im sorry… i didnt realize that there were FIVE companies in other locations… and im sorry i didnt realize that there were TEN plausible spots for relocation….. please tell me again what the five other companies are and please tell me again where the ten spots are with access to water… plenty of shade… public restrooms for drivers… and places for drivers to grab a bottle of water… id love to know…

    Get ur facts straight.

    Keep carriages in city market!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh im sorry i also didnt realize that the carriage companies were invisible when wet Willie’s was scouting for a new location! They knew the horses were there! If they dont like the smell then they should go to pulaski square instead! The rooftop bar is right next to the stand… they love the carriage companies! Expect a phone call from yours truly tomorrow……. good night.

  5. Courtnay says:

    They were going to get rid of the carriages in City Market regardless. There was nothing said about the incoming restaurant not liking the smell. The city said that was apparently problem before when they were relocated to a different restaurant. Sounds to me like this has been in the works for a while and they just now decided to pull the trigger.

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